The ADFIAP Annual Meetings is the largest gathering of CEOs, Board Members, Senior Officials from 93 ADFIAP member-institutions in 41 countries and territories in Asia Pacific as well as representatives from ADFIAP’s institutional partners and network.

The event will take place on May 15-17, 2024 at the luxurious Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeetra, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. The 47th Annual Meetings promises to be an enriching and insightful event, featuring engaging discussions and networking opportunities with top industry experts and thought leaders. This is an excellent occasion for us to collectively explore the pivotal role that development finance institutions (DFIs) play in fostering a sustainable finance ecosystem, with a focus on cultivating a climate-smart and sustainable future.

There is no registration fee in attending the conference. All other related expenses in attending the Annual Meetings will be personal account of the participant

“DFIs Role in Sustainable Finance Ecosystem: Cultivating a Climate-Smart and Sustainable Future”

The theme for this conference aims to highlight the intersection of agriculture, technology, climate-smart practices, and sustainable development. It emphasizes the need for innovative approaches and collaborative efforts to address the challenges and opportunities in these areas. The conference will also provide an opportunity for sharing best practices, innovations, and solutions for enhancing the resilience and sustainability of food production and consumption.

One of the key themes of COP 28 is food systems and agriculture, which are both major sources and victims of climate change. The COP 28 Presidency has launched a Food Systems and Agriculture Agenda that calls for aligning national food systems and agricultural policies with climate action plans. It also invites governments to sign a Declaration on Resilient Food Systems, Sustainable Agriculture, and Climate Action.

The impact of COP 28 on agriculture and food security will depend on the level of ambition and action that countries will take to transform their food systems and reduce their emissions from this sector.

Highlights of the Event

ADFIAP Board of Directors Meeting

The 96th Board of Directors Meeting will be held on the May 16, 2024 followed by the General Assembly Meeting of all member DFIs. The Board of Directors is the executive body that makes policy decisions, with no more than 30 elected voting members; while the General Assembly is the highest body that elects the Board of Directors and votes on organizational matters.

Delegate-Meets-Delegate (DMD)

A Delegate-Meets-Delegate (DMD) session is organized to connect member-bank executives, creating a venue for networking and idea exchange.

ADFIAP Sustainable Development Awards

The 2024 ADFIAP Awards, given annually, is one of the highlights of the Annual Meetings. It recognizes member-institutions that have undertaken or assisted projects that have had positive impacts on development in areas such as the environment, small and medium enterprises, infrastructure, technology, trade, local economy, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility. .